Sleeping beauties the @downtonabbey_official @theladydockers @lilyjamesofficial #lauracarmichael was a pleasure working with you again xxx (x)


Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Portrait of Empress Maria Alexandrovna, 1857 (details)


 Philip Govedare


@theladydockers: SPOILER ALERT! New hair trends in season 5…@downtonabbey_official @AtmosAlnwick (Twitter)

Downton Abbey wardrobe appreciation ± Season 3 Christmas Special

I really envy Edith’s confidence. Even when she’s made a fool of, she picks herself up. I’m far more meek and mild. People are always asking, ‘What did you say?’ But when I’m playing Edith, I can be quite ballsy and rude. It’s interesting when you discover that you are believable as a haughty, confident, often rude character—because I don’t feel that I have that at all. (x) (x)


From Laura Carmichael’s twitter account!!

Lily James, Sophie McShera and Laura Carmichael for Haper’s Bazaar UK, August 2014

Have to be in the airport in an hour to go home. It’s so strange that another year has passed. ughhh and now that it’s time to actually go i don’t feel like it. Always the same story. But hey, at least the prospects for this Summer are exciting: Paris for 3 weeks! :3 And then two more weeks in Porto Santo Island :) Not bad.

clara + faceless



You’re not going to convince me alcohol wasn’t involved in here. (1, 2, 3)

idk what’s happening but i like it